Composite Doors

In the past few years composite doors have managed to establish themselves as the most popular choice for homeowners. This is in part due to stylish options, colours and traditional look that can’t be matched by conventional UPVC doors. But with so many choices on the market, where do you start?

Solid timber core composite slab
Composite door

Fortunately, at Sandringham Windows Norfolk, you need look no further. All of our composite doors feature a 48mm door slab, with a solid timber hardwood core, paired with a five chamber thermally reinforced frame. This combination offers far superior strength to many composite doors, which traditionally use a 44mm foam core slab.

Security like no other

The quality of our composite doors doesn’t just stop with the slab. All of our doors come fitted with the Ultion key cylinder as standard.

The Ultion lock is one of the most secure cylinders on the market today. Meeting and exceeding some of the toughest security tests, it has even achieved approval by the police, BSI and locksmiths.

Featuring an ultra dense molybdenum core the Ultion lock offers supreme security to your home. If that wasn’t enough the Ultion lock also has a £1,000 security guarantee.

To find out more information, please visit the Ultion website at

Ultion key cylinder

The security doesn’t end with the cylinder either. Our range of composites also come fitted with the Avantis locking system, exclusively available to our range of doors.

The Avantis lock provides the largest and strongest hook and bolt system available in the door sector. It features a 25mm triangulated deadlock, a market first, and in testing the Avantis lock comprehensively passed PAS 24 standard for security.

Combined with our doors super strong hinges, and you can be sure to sleep safe at night in the knowledge you have chosen one of the very best doors for your property.

Colour, style and customisation

These days, when changing your doors and windows many people like to use the opportunity to really alter the look of the property, and why not of course? We believe the front door is the most important part to succeding with this. A new door can completely alter the look, it’s usually the first thing people see when looking at a house, and has as much potential for style as any other part of the house.

We understand the need for these options, and as such our range has near endless combinations to give each door that individual touch. With a choice of 23 colours inside and out, and three door ranges offering contemporary, traditional and modern styles there’s soemthing for everyone!

It doesn’t stop there either, spectacular finishing options are available from handles, letterbox, knockers, glass designs and even more! All available in different colours and styles to stand out from the crowd and make something really unique.